About Sonescence

Sonescence is a clinical-stage, specialty pharmaceutical company that uses a novel, ultrasound augmented drug-delivery platform, to create transformative solutions for various drug categories. Our first focus is novel delivery of anti-biotics for chronic wound infections, creating life-changing treatments for patients who desperately need them.

Our view is that drug development does not always need to follow the standard approach, which typically requires long, costly development programs before drugs are widely available to patients. We believe that by taking a unique and focused approach, we can significantly shorten the time it takes to bring a therapy to market. This is important because when someone is fighting a potentially fatal, infected chronic wound, success is often literally the difference between ‘life or limb’.

To do this, we target well characterized molecules and therapeutics that are typically delivered intravenously, and marry them to a proprietary Ultrasonic Drug Delivery (UDD) platform, previously approved by the FDA for an alternate use. This allows focused, active, subcutaneous infusion directly to the local infection, with uniquely high drug concentration levels, but lower overall systemic doses.  We are applying recent technological advances, in combination with expedited FDA pathways (505(b)(2) & 506(h)(1)) to design and rapidly commercialize products with increased potency for various indications with unmet treatment needs. The FDA recognizes that technological advances are happening faster and continues to offer streamlined drug and drug therapy approval pathways where previously published data can help verify adequate safety profiles. In other words, we may be able to demonstrate benefit in smaller numbers of patients and shorter treatment periods than previously required in clinical trials. These approaches can drastically shorten the time it takes to get new, optimized therapies from the lab and into the hands of clinicians who desperately need better solutions for their patients.